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Childhood is the perfect time to spark a sense of creativity and learn how to express yourself through art. Art sets for kids are a wonderful way to inspire a love for the arts and a lifelong hobby that can extend well into adulthood. Meanwhile, an art table for children can give kids their very own place to create masterpieces and have a ton of fun. Who knows…maybe you have the next Picasso or Monet living just down the hall!

Kids Preferred carries art sets for kids that are highly recommended and great for kids ages three and older. For example, the versatile Buildex™ Build N Play Arts and Activity Table with Easel is with made with durable construction and ergonomic designs, and it features a table, easel, chalkboard, two stools, and a storage compartment. Meanwhile the World of Eric Carle™ Little Artist Easel with Paint Cups is perfect for the aspiring painter and comes with a wood easel, paper roll, paint cups, chalk board, dry erase board, eraser, and magnets. Kids can learn how to mix colors and draw shapes with no fuss and easy cleanup.  Better yet, the board has clips to display works of art for everyone to see!

Research studies show that kids that are exposed to art at an early age are more likely to excel at critical thinking, innovation, and self-expression. An art table for children makes a wonderful addition to any playroom, basement, or child’s bedroom, and art sets for kids make great gifts for holidays and birthdays too!

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