Kids Dolls for Babies & Toddlers

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A child may have many best friends throughout life, but few relationships are more memorable and enduring than the one shared with a first doll. Baby dolls don’t just provide a trusty companion and hours of playful fun. In fact, dolls for babies offer many developmental benefits and teach little ones how to care for others and themselves.
Little girls and boys can learn many important cognitive and motor skills by playing with baby dolls, such as dressing and undressing, bathing, feeding, grooming, hygiene, and potty training. Dolls for toddlers and babies also help parents and caregivers teach children about their own bodies, the words to describe articles of clothing, feelings they are experiencing, and how to ask practical questions. The social and emotional benefits of dolls for toddlers are also impressive, as dolls help kids practice caring for others, better understand interactions with their own family, and even prepare for a new sibling on the way.
Kids Preferred carries a fun collection of dolls that are perfectly sized, soft, and safe for children as young as newborns. Each doll comes with her own unique name, outfit, and personality to keep your little one company and help teach important life lessons. For kids three and up, make sure to check out our Windsor furnished doll house, which consists of 18 pieces of sturdy wooden furniture and four different rooms to design and play with. Hours of imaginative play are just a click away when you shop our collection of baby dolls!
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