Outdoor Toys

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One of the very best things about being a kid is playing outside, having adventures, and exploring the world around you. Outdoor toys for kids make this possible and also help kids be active, healthy, engaged, and stimulated every day. What’s also great about outdoor toys is that they can be a bit bigger, noisier, and messier than toys reserved for quiet time and indoor use.
The Kids Preferred collection of outdoor toys for babies and kids is ideal for taking your little one to the backyard, the park, and around the neighborhood to enjoy some fresh air and exercise. Ride-on animals and bicycle outdoor toys for kids are fun for the whole family and help little ones develop motor skills, coordination, balance, and confidence. Take for example our Windsor™ Tiny Trike, which is a colorful wooden tricycle that makes a perfect first set of wheels. It’s great for kids 18 months and older and is well-designed and sturdy to withstand many days of exciting rides.
It’s always advised to supervise children during outdoor playtime, but it’s also important to choose safe and high-quality toys that can handle a little wear and tear in the great outdoors. Spending time outdoors with your kids is a wonderful way to teach them about getting exercise, caring for nature, and playing safely at all times. Check out our outdoor toys for kids, and feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. Now’s a great time to get outside for some playtime!
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