Pretend Play for Kids

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Playing make-believe is one of the best parts about being a kid, and pretend play toys make this style of play even more engaging. Pretend play toys for kids encourage children to let their imaginations run wild with costumes, stages, dolls, stuffed animals, and a wide variety of props.
Kids Preferred is the place to shop for many different kinds of pretend play toys for girls and pretend play toys for boys. We have playsets that let little ones create artistic masterpieces, put on puppet theater performances, and even work with tools in a safe and ergonomic way. We also have many ridable toys that encourage pretend play, such as rockers, kid-powered vehicles, and doll carriages.
Our table and chair sets are perfect for playing pretend with friends, siblings, or stuffed animal companions. Whether your child is hosting a tea party, teaching a school lesson, or drawing a picture, these are ideal spaces for creativity and fun. Then when playtime is over, you can tuck all of the pretend play toys in themed storage bench for safekeeping until the next day.
Our pretend play toys for kids are suitable for a range of ages so that your children can grow up with a sense of wonder and joy about the world. You’ll love our beautiful designs and festive characters that bring these pretend play toys to life. Just think about how much better of a world we’d live in if everyone played pretend just a little bit more!
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