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Stuffed animals for kids offer endless hours of playtime and companionship, but puppets for kids take this engagement one step further. Puppets for children inspire creativity by allowing little ones to act out scenes from the world around them and that they dream up on their own. The simple act of wearing a puppet on your hand transforms you to another time and place where the sky’s the limit with what you can create.
At Kids Preferred, we love stuffed puppets for kids because of all the adorable plays they help kids come up with. Puppet stuffed animals help kids express themselves, use the creative parts of their minds, and may even inspire an early love for the theater.
Kids will love our Llama Llama Hand Puppet with its red pajamas and soft fur. This is a wonderful puppet for story time and a comforting companion all night long. Another great story teller is The Very Hungry Caterpillar Hand Puppet, which celebrates the classic tale and brings it to life. This World of Eric Carle Hand Puppet will make your child smile every time it’s brought out. Better yet, it’s safe for kids as young as newborns and machine washable.
For kids ages three and up, we love the Buildex™ Build N Play Puppet Theater Activity Insert. With red curtains, a colorful banner, and show time display, this is the perfect piece of furniture to put on your very own puppet performance. Hours of creative entertainment are at your fingertips with these puppets for kids and accessories!
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