Ride 'n' Roll Ride on Toys

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As any parent will tell you, toddlers are always on-the-move and in a constant state of energized motion. This is an exciting time in a child’s early development, and ridable toys can make a big difference in how skills are developed and mastered in the formative years.
Ride 'n' Rolls combine the best aspects of wooden toys and ridable toys in a safe and engaging way. They are designed for children aged 12-36 months to develop coordination, motor skills, and balance while engaging children in active and imaginative play. We have fun Ride ‘n’ Roll characters to choose from, including puppy ridable toys, lamb ridable toys, and caterpillar ridable toys.
Our Ride 'n' Roll Puppy couldn’t be cuter with a brown and white body and friendly face. The Ride 'n' Roll Lamb is always a favorite among little ones and is perfect to zoom around in. Our ridable wooden toys also feature cherished storybook characters, such as the World of Eric Carle™ The Very Hungry Caterpillar. These developmental toys perfectly complement reading time and inspire a lifelong love of books and being active.
With four multi-directional castor wheels, an ergonomic handle, and memory foam seat, all of these toys promote independence and fun. The wooden toys are easy to wipe down and clean after use and perfect for kids up to 55 pounds. Surprise your little one with a ridable toy that will quickly become a favorite around the house!
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