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Between the ages of six months and twelve months, babies grow and develop so fast, which is a true joy to witness first-hand! This is a time when your little one may start to sit steadily for longer periods of time, pick up objects of varying sizes, experiment with standing on two legs, and start crawling all over the house. During this very active period in a child’s life, it’s fun to buy new 6 month old baby toys, find innovative 8 months baby toys online, and stock up on 12 month baby toys to keep the momentum going.

For 6-12 month babies, we love musical toys, like the Disney Baby™ Minnie Mouse Jack-in-the-Box for 6 months+ to play peek-a-boo and begin enjoying a love of music. This is also an ideal time to buy your little one a dishes set for kids, such as the Disney Baby™ Dumbo 5-Piece Melamine Dish Set for ages 6 months+ to start trying new foods. Meal time is extra fun when your child has a kid-sized plate, bowl, sippy cup with lid, fork, and spoon.  

Check out or collection of learning toys, dolls and accessories, and eco-friendly toys from top brands for 6 to 12 month old baby toys!

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