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As any parent can attest, the first two years of baby's life are utterly amazing, as you can witness a child's transformation from an adorable toothless grin to a full-filled, non-stop talking two-year old. Similarly, a baby's toys should follow the same remarkable progress and challenge your little one to achieve new milestones and reach his or her potential every day.
At Kids Preferred, we know that every baby is amazing, which is why we love Amazing Baby™ brand toys. These are developmental toys and educational toys that are engaging, inspiring, and full of creativity possibilities.  
Amazing Baby™ developmental toys are based on the Amazing Baby book series, which means that they are uniquely created and based on accepted research of how babies develop within the first two years of life. And most importantly, they are FUN for your growing toddler! Better yet, Amazing Baby books, stuffed toys, and musical instruments for babies are ultra-durable and designed to withstand chewing, throwing, and pulling around the house.
In our Amazing Baby collection, we carry everything from musical instrument sets, feeding sets, soft books, and on-the-go activity toys. Little ones also love chewing on and cuddling with the Amazing Baby™ Bear Blanket Teether, rolling around with the Amazing Baby™ Sound Balls, and making meal times more fun with the Amazing Baby™ Animals Silicon Placemat. Stuffed bears and stuffed bunnies provide comfort and security, while soft books engage all the senses and foster an early love for learning and reading. This is a great brand to get to know if you’re looking for stuffed toys, musical toys, and ways to help your child master important skills like eating and enjoying delicious foods. Browse our Amazing Baby brand of toys for babies and toddlers today!
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