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Some toys are just for fun, while some are educational tools and others are a combination of both. Kids learning toys come in many shapes and sizes to suit different age and ability levels. Some examples of learning toys are flash cards, story books, shape sorters, block sets, activity walkers, and pull along toys.

Learning with toys is one of the very best ways to teach a child about important concepts and life lessons that will be reinforced in school. Educational toys go above and beyond basic playtime by combining the best aspects of fun and learning. Meanwhile, developmental toys help little ones improve their motor skills, dexterity, crawling, walking, and object recognition.

Kids Preferred is a great place to shop for kids learning toys that have been tested and proven to be safe, fun, and educational. We love the Pete the Cat Flash Cards for on-the-go learning about new words, colors, and shapes. We also recommend The Moodsters books to teach your kids about emotions and build emotional intelligence from an early age. Other popular learning toys that kids and parents enjoy are the Windsor colorful block sets, wooden peg puzzles, and pull along xylophone crocodile.

Help your child get the most out of each playtime with educational toys that are fun, engaging, and inspiring. With sturdy wood construction and hardcover book surfaces, these are developmental toys that you can rely on for many learning lessons over the course of many years. You’re never too young to develop a love for learning!

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