Llama Llama™ Red Pajama

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Capturing the hearts of preschoolers around the world, Llama Llama™ is a successful and beloved children’s book series created by Anna Dewdney. With over 10 million copies in print and translated into 7 languages, Anna Dewdney’s Llama Llama books have all appeared on the New York Times’ bestseller list with several titles claiming the #1 spot.
At Kids Preferred, we’re proud to include Llama Llama puppets for kids and Llama Llama themed musical toys for children in our collection. These are engaging toys, interactive toys, and toys that let your little one re-live favorite books at story time and playtime.
The award-winning Llama Llama series engages parents and children alike with its charming storylines, iconic illustrations, touching moments and timeless lessons for young and old. To share this series of books with an even wider audience, Llama Llama even debuted as a Netflix Original Series with actress Jennifer Garner as the voice of Mama Llama!
Therefore, now is a perfect time to introduce your child to the world of Llama Llama and the stories that this adorable character has to tell. It’s easy to bring these stories to life with the Llama Llama Hand Puppet, with his cute red pajamas and big, soft ears. Our Llama Llama Jack in the Box plays the familiar song, “Pop Goes the Weasel,” but instead of a weasel, this fun llama stuffed toy pops out! It’s an exciting surprise every time the llama stuffed animal pops out of the box in his bright and cheery way. All four sides of the jack-in-the-box feature charming storybook illustrations to remind your little one of favorite scenes in the book too.
There are so many great Llama Llama stories to read with life lessons about sleepovers, loosing a tooth, camping, and so much more. Bring this cuddly stuffed toy into your home and child’s life!
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