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Children make leaps and bounds of progress in their development between the ages of one and two, including taking their first steps, waving “bye,” speaking words, and becoming more aware of their surroundings. During this stage, toddlers start recognizing names, objects, and themselves in a mirror, and they often begin imitating the behaviors of other people.

Kids Preferred carries many toys for 2 year olds to stimulate kids’ imaginations and make every day more fun. This is a fun age to introduce wooden toys, such as the Windsor™ Pull Along Xylophone Crocodile, to give kids a break from screen time and provide on-the-go music and entertainment. Wooden toys and learning toys like this one are great ways to improve hand-eye coordination and inspire a love of learning and new hobbies. Other great toys for 2 year olds include the Pete The Cat® 4-Piece Instrument Set, which celebrates the beloved Pete the Cat character and includes a maraca, castanet, recorder, and tambourine to inspire your very own little rock star.

We have many high-quality and beautifully designed feeding sets, table and chair sets, benches and storage, hardcover books, and stuffed toys that are perfect for kids between one and two years old. Start having fun with the best toys by age today!

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