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When children are between the ages of three and six months, they may begin sitting up on their own, making the most of tummy time, and refining their fine motor skills. Baby toys 3 months to baby toys 6 months help your little one naturally navigate through the stages of development and become more independent. That’s why we carry so many amazing 6 month old baby toys to challenge, engage, and entertain your baby every day.

Some of our best products for this age range and toys for 6 month old babies are learning toys that encourage exploration, dexterity, and building strength and bodily control. For mealtimes, we love the Amazing Baby™ Animals Silicon Placemat for 3-6-month-old babies to allow little eaters to color their favorite animals while trying new foods.  Amazing Baby™ Sound Balls are also some of the best toys by age for 3-6 months to simulate the senses and encourage independent movement. Meanwhile, soft books for babies and board books for kids are great for story time and durable enough to withstand the pulling and chewing that’s so characteristic of 3-6-month-year-olds.

Boost your baby’s social and emotional wellbeing and motor skill development with this wonderful collection of 3-6-month toys!

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