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By 12 months of age, babies are more vocal, mobile, and adventurous than ever before. This is the time when many babies become expert crawlers, they become more coordinated with their hands, and they even start taking their very first steps. To engage these little movers and shakers, Kids Preferred has a wonderful collection of toys for babies who are in the second year on this planet. The best toys for babies first year range from soft and cuddly stuffed animals to hardcover books for kids, feeding sets, and kid-sized furniture.

For baby toys 12 months, we love the Buildex™ Build N Play Safari Adventure Storage Box to keep all of your little one’s toys safe and organized in a cute and fun way. As kids graduate from 1 year baby play toys, we also love the Buildex™ Build N Play Safari Adventure Table and Chairs Set for 12 months+ to give children their very own place to sit, eat, draw, and play make-believe. All of our 12-18 month toys for kids are sturdy, durable, and beautifully designed to make a welcome addition into your home. Browse our best toys by age section to find lots of awesome toys for your 12-18 month old baby!

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