Soft & Fabric Books for Babies

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What could be better than a toy that’s soft and cuddly, while also educational and fun? Soft books for babies are wonderful because they’re engaging, comforting, and safe. Made from soft and durable materials, soft books are perfect for entertaining little ones and holding their attention by engaging the senses.
At Kids Preferred we love soft books because they allow your baby to touch and feel the fabrics and textures while you read to them. This simple ritual provides a wonderful bonding opportunity and an interactive learning experience that you will both benefit from.
One of our favorite soft books for babies is Goodnight Moon, which has been lulling little ones to a peaceful slumber for many years. We also love reading Beatrix Potter’s Peter Rabbit soft book because it has an adorable carrot-shaped teether for your baby to chew on for extra sensory stimulation. Amazing Baby’s Feel and Learn soft book and Do You Want to Playsoft book make great additions to your nursery to ease your baby into nap time or bed time.
When shopping for soft books for babies, look for ones that have a teether to soothe sore gums and that have multiple textures that crinkle, squeak, and feel soft. These types of books are safe for even newborns and designed to withstand even the youngest hands and mouths. It’s also a smart idea to purchase soft books for babies that are machine washable to reduce the spread of germs and continue reading the books for many years to come.
With our line of soft books, your baby can touch and feel the fabric book pages as you read to them, making storytime an interactive learning experience.
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