Wooden Toys

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With so many high-tech toys in stores today, many parents and caregivers are looking for simpler ways to engage a child’s imagination and encourage healthy play. Wooden toys, for example, are a great way to get back to the basics of play and help kids enjoy life’s simple pleasures without distractions.
Wooden toys for kids come in many forms, such as blocks, dollhouses, puzzles, push toys, and even ridable toys. At Kids Preferred, we have a wide selection of wooden toys for girls and wooden toys for boys to keep every little one entertained. For example, we have wooden block sets, wooden ride on toys, wooden push toys, and wooden peg puzzle toys that are made with durable construction and are appropriate for various ages.
Kids love the fun character themes of wooden toys like the Puff the Magic Dragon Rocker and Pete The Cat Ride ‘n’ Roll. Kids also love playing with the World of Eric Carle Pull Along Xylophone and creating their own designs with the Windsor block sets. Wooden toys for kids are also educational and help little ones learn about shapes, colors, and spatial reasoning.
As with all toys we offer at Kids Preferred, our wooden toys are built with your child’s safety in mind and feature sturdy pieces that can withstand rough play sessions. Now is a great time to offer your child a break from screen time and put that imagination to work! Browse our selection of wooden toys today!
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